Organizing An Outline Of A Dissertation About Midwifery

Midwifery is a very demanding course, and the difficult of constructing a dissertation on the topic reflects this. Due to the demanding nature of the course you must be organized and have a structured outline of dissertation to have a chance to receiving top marks for your thesis. Help is at hand as we will discuss how to ensure that your writing is organized enough to receive top marks.


Before you produce your outline you must choose a topic to write about. Now it is best that you write about a subject that you enjoyed studying during your course, and one that are you very passionate about. This is due to the fact that if you write about a subject that you enjoy then this will be reflected in your writing, and your reader will feel your enthusiasm for your writing.

The best to choose a good topic is by reviewing your course notes, and looking at the sections that you enjoyed learning about the most. Then it is best to make notes on these sections and to decide on the topic your paper will be about.


Planning the structure is very important when making the outline for dissertation. The structure should be as follows:

  • Introduction – This is where you introduce the topic you will be discussing to your reader. You also make it clear from the onset of the viewpoint you will be arguing for during your dissertation.
  • Main Body – This is where you will make your main arguments and present them with studies and your own observations. You have to make a real push to convince your audience of your argument.
  • Conclusion – Here you will produce a summary of everything you have talked about and reiterate the important points again.


When making your dissertation proposal outline you must gather all your material and sources you will be using. These can come in handy because you can refer to those sources easily while composing your paper. The sources will be a very vital part of your work so it is best to organize them before you get writing.

Midwifery is a very hard topic and a competitive one with thousands going into the profession every year. However if you follow our preparation guide on how to write a good outline for your thesis, you will have no trouble composing a high quality paper that will give you excellent marks.

How To Do A Outline For Midwifery Dissertations

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