Brief Tutorial On How To Write A Dissertation Introduction On Community Nursing

Community nursing is a very popular course taken at university due to the high employment chances and the lucrative career prospects. Due to these factors it is very important that dissertation introductions get off to a great start and hooks your reader very quickly. This brief tutorial will show you exactly how to accomplish that and get great marks on your paper.


You should have a draft of your introduction ready when you write your proposal. This draft guides you and gives you some direction in which to go in for your writing. However typically, most students leave the introduction as the last thing to complete for their final paper. This is due to the fact that you can write a better introduction once you know how the rest of your work pans out.

Your introduction should form the basis of rationale for your dissertation. It should tell the reader why you are writing and how you will explain your viewpoint to them. It should be brief but sufficient enough for the reader to know what will be discussed during the course of the paper. The introduction should set the scene for the ideas you will be discussing later on in your work, and this is why it is recommended for students to complete the introduction as the last thing on their thesis.

Another important thing to include in your introduction is any background information that is relevant to your work, and if necessary, some important definitions that will be recurring throughout the text. This gives readers an easy reference point for when they start reading your work.

Some good tips to make a good introduction include:

  • A strong opening statement which grabs the reader’s attention
  • Do not try to go into the deep end of your work in your introduction, but rather broadly discuss what you will be doing
  • Keep the language simple and straightforward
  • Do not make statements which you know you will not deliver on

Make sure to keep drafting your introduction and to keep making improvements on it.

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Although community nursing is a very tough subject to successfully complete, a strong introduction in your paper can give you the boost that you need to acquire high marks in the subject. If you follow our outline on what makes a good introduction, then you should have no problems in achieving the grades you need for success in the subject.

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