What Are The Essential Sections Of A Public Health Dissertation?

Writing a public health dissertation can be a very stressful and anxious time for students as it is a very competitive subject. Due to the heightened competition, the thesis that students hand in need to be of a very high quality to stand out from the pack. Here we discuss the essential sections of a public health paper that you must include.


Firstly before you begin writing your thesis you need to carefully research the topic you will be writing about. You need to review your notes and see the topic that you enjoyed doing, and are preferably also passionate about them. If you write about something you genuinely enjoy then this will be reflected in the quality of your writing; your enthusiasm will shine through. When reviewing your notes and course material make sure to jot down notes that you are continually refer back to.

When you have decided on the topic that you wish to discuss during your essay it is important to include some very important sections. Your outline should be as follows:

  • Introduction: This is where you introduce your reader to the topic you will be discussing about. This is a good place to give background information on the topic of discussion, as well as make it clear to your audience which side of the argument you will be on.
  • Main Body: Here you will make your main argument. It is good to have discussed many viewpoints as well as provide evidence for your argument and findings.
  • Conclusion: Here you summarize the points you have discussed and make sure to include your main findings.

It is essential that your thesis be laid out in this manner, as this is the standard your marker will expect.


The content part of your paper should also have some essential sections. Firstly, in a thesis you should always be arguing for a viewpoint. You can argue for this either using published papers that support your own view, or more likely you will include an experiment or research of your own, the findings of which support your viewpoint.

You also have to make sure to reference any studies or published papers done by previous academics, as this is the standard for papers nowadays.

Writing Agency

If you are stuck on coming up with health dissertation topics then it is best to make use of a writing agency to help you with this. Such agencies employ various writers with deep knowledge of the subject matter they are charged with. So if you go to an agency to receive help for health psychology dissertation ideas, then you will receive help from a health psychologist. This can be a great way to alleviate the stress and anxiety of when choosing a good topic to write about.

As you can see there are many essential sections of a public health paper that you must ensure to include. If you follow the advice as laid out on this article then you can be sure to enjoy success in your dissertation.

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