Picking Up Interesting Graduate Dissertation Topics: 15 Winning Ideas

Writing a graduate thesis is a very stressful time for students. The amount of work and knowledge required to successfully completing a PhD dissertation undergraduate means that only a select few even get the chance to submit one. You should congratulate yourself for making it this far in academia however you cannot let all the hard work go to waste by picking a topic which is not interesting.

Choosing a topic

Although a PhD requires original research this does not mean that every piece of information you put in your paper has to be an original thought. Remember that all research builds upon what is already known and pushes the field as a whole towards new thoughts and concepts.

Keeping this in mind it is best to find a topic from which you can take the existing framework further, as opposed to trying to find something completely new and revolutionary. Most new ideas are ones that use existing ideas as its foundation. You should also ensure that your paper follows the graduate dissertation format.


The following are 15 graduate dissertation topics in different subject areas that we think would be great topics to research about in the context of a research paper:

  • How can public approval for nursing homes be improved? (Nursing)
  • What are the implications of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union? (Economics)
  • How can complex hierarchal structures be visualized? (Computer Science)
  • How can RFID help in the improvement of supply chain? (Engineering)
  • Improvements that can be made to processes to help and remove waste in the automotive industry (Environmental Engineering)
  • How is globalization supporting supply chain? (Supply Chain Engineering)
  • What were the main causes of the Italian Unification? (History)
  • Was there one entity to blame for the outbreak of the First World War? (History)
  • Examine supermarket retailer’s perceived risk and brand equity (Business)
  • How does unethical behavior impact brand image? (Business)
  • Is DNA typing of skeletal remains successful in solving unsolved crimes? (Forensic Science)
  • Can T-helper cells be more efficient than cytotoxic T cells in rejection? (Biochemistry)
  • Analyze the changing trends of the United State’s high culture over the years (Sociology)
  • Where does numerosity come from? (Mathematical Education)
  • Accounting for model error in four-dimensional variational data assimilation (Mathematics)

If you are still stuck for ideas, and these topics do not fall under your subject area then visit the following link for additional info.

We hope that it is easier for you to decide an interesting topic to write your dissertation on after reading the tips in this article.

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